Understanding the potential risks involve while driving on the road and correcting them is a social responsibility. Here are some very important safety tips which ABC defensive driving school provides as a good gesture for general public to observe specially by young drives or new immigrants coming to Canada to be safer & how they can contribute to the society for the safety of each individual person on the road. . Basic Habits & Safety Tips For All The Drivers:- It is a very complex issue for the safety of yourself and also the people around you. The latest statistics on collision in Alberta is about 60%-70% for the total accidents happen at the intersection. As a fact, more vehicles take left turn than right turn. While taking a left turn, two things are involved such as perception and reaction time. About 70% of the drivers, when they are getting close to intersection, either they try to beat the traffic light or slam hard on the brake pedal which results as a skid behind the car which is about to take a turn and they loses their control. Useful Safety Tips:-
  • While approaching the intersection, half block away or 50 meters, take off your foot from the gas paddle & cover the brake so that you are saving the reaction time 3-4 second to stop your car more quickly. That is the reason, why the motorcycle or scooter stops so quickly because their foot is always over the brake and accelerator is in their hand. This is the main reason they eliminate the reaction time for braking. Before entering the intersection at green light, especially when you are the first vehicle at the intersection, always check left and right to make sure no vehicle is running through the red light or heavy vehicles may not be able to stop quickly.
  • Only one vehicle should enter the intersection at one time not two vehicles and keep the front wheels straight so that if you get hit in the back by another vehicle, you will not be pushed into the oncoming traffic.
  • Before you turn the steering wheel to make a left or right turn at the intersection, you should always make a shoulder check for any pedestrian and, as the pedestrian always have the first right of way on crosswalk.
  • While getting into the driver seat, always enter from front of your vehicle so that you are facing the oncoming traffic from the rear of the parked vehicle. While going out of vehicle, check mirror & shoulder check to make sure there is no pedestrian / bicycle / car coming from the rear prior to open the door and always exit to the rear, so you are facing the traffic from the rear.
These are some of the basics tips all drivers must make a part of their habits to keep away from any trouble in your life. ABC Defensive Driving marks their name among institutions for the utilizing the safest techniques to train drivers. This not only enhances their liability on the road but increases their confidence while driving.