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ABC Defensive Driving School Inc. was established in March 1991 and since then it has been serving Edmonton and its surrounding areas like Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert and Beaumont, Drayton Valley, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain and White Court. The company profile is highly anticipated for its superior driving assistance. With years of training excellence, the driving courses are scheduled for educating sessions associated with hands-on training sessions to introduce all what a driver should know while getting their hands on wheels.

At ABC Defensive Driving School your education comes first. Our driving courses teach everything you need to know to be safe on the road but not only to pass the road test. Our well trained and experienced Male and Female driving instructors provide solutions for critical situations that will help the student to become a defensive and proactive driver.

The 15 hour in-classroom instructions are recommended for new drivers with little or no experience.

Students may also opt for the online class instructions where they do not need to be physically present to take the in-class instructions. The online course is currently one of the most popular available at the moment since many people can fit it into their busy schedule.

These 15 hours of in-class or online class instructions will not only help students to reduce the insurance cost but also make them a safe and proactive driver.

We have a team of well trained, experienced and dedicated instructors who are always committed towards delivering high quality instructions and memorable experiences. Their unique way of teaching will help you learn to drive safely and with confidence. We specialize in proactive and defensive driver’s education programs for all ages.

Our driving lessons are designed for students to progress. During the lessons, the instructor will watch the progress and gradually add the different skills so students can grasp everything. The instructor will focus on turning their weaknesses into strengths. By the end of the lessons, a student will become a confident and defensive driver.

Here are few examples what do we teach in our Driving lessons
Understanding Under the Hood, Instruments and Controls

Our Driving instructors will explain to you what's under the hood such as type of Fluids, Battery etc. They will explain instruments and controls of the car and how to adjust the seat, side mirrors and rear-view mirror.

Operating the vehicle

We will be teaching all the necessary skills to become a defensive driver such as hand-over-hand steering, leaving a safe space cushion, and understanding traffic. How to scan the intersections, stopping, yielding, the right of way, road positioning, the right way, how to turn right and left, what's the safe speed, smooth braking and accelerating. Students will gain confidence by learning all the signs, signals, line markings, the right -of-way, speed limit, traffic and weather conditions. We will also teach how to react and what should be done when someone encounters an emergency vehicle.

You will learn Safe and Good habits such as

Safe Lane Changing by doing Signal-mirror-shoulder checking. How to drive at a safe and controlled Speed. Aiming high to read the road ahead. Watching for pedestrians, playground and school zones, smooth acceleration and braking. Understanding Traffic light intersections, Use of traffic circle

Highway Driving

Confidence to blend in with traffic while merging. Driving on a highway by keeping a safe distance, multi-lane driving at high speed, smooth and safe lane changing at high speed, looking far ahead on the highway. How to safely exit the highway and blend into city roads.


Driving Instructor will train you to do an angle and perpendicular parking. By explaining the correct and safe way to park along the curb, you will get the confidence to do Hill parkings.

Parallel parking behind a car and in between two cars will no longer be nerve racking.

Driving In Adverse Conditions

Driving in adverse conditions such as at night, on a snowy day or on icy roads is risky, even if you are a skilled driver. So, you need an expert to explain it all by using their experience and knowledge to drive safely.

These all and much more will be part of driving lessons!!

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