Driver Training Instructor

Generally, this master course covers all what can be taught in regard to drive safely, precisely and responsibly. The course suits a variety of potential clients from all the commercial and domestic sectors who wish to learn driving. We assure all our students are assessed and corrected the best ways possible to adapt habitual driving superiority.

The main objective of this course is to deliver as much information as possible for the students to achieve a high level of professionalism in their training but will also make them a liability on the road with their safe driving habits. This course is very beneficial for big truck drivers as well as other commercial drivers working for long hours on highways. This not only makes them a liability but also enhances their potential to drive precisely in the worst of traffic and weather conditions.

This course outlines 70 hours of instructions which is sub-categorized into 3 parts.

  1. 30 hours of class room training
  2. 30 hours of in car training
  3. 10 hours of actual driver training observation

Actual Driver Training:

It consists of actual driving assisted by our finest of instructors to make sure every other session has been thoroughly undertaken. All the driving aspects are tested as in the final driver’s license test. Once completed, this guarantees success in the final attempt as well.

Total cost: $3000

GST: $150

Total: $ 3,150

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