Class 05 -Non GDL (Advanced)

  • Insurance Discount Certificate.

Full License 15-Points

  • 15 Hours Of Classroom Session
  • 10 Hours Behind The Wheels Practice

Class 5 non-GDL (advanced) driving license is a full license which can be obtained by drivers who have completed their probation with a class 5 GDL basic license without suspension. This provides freedom to drive any domestic vehicle without any assistance. The age specifications for this full driver’s license is 18 years. However, a successive road car test for 60 minutes is required to get this license.

In Class Training:

Our class-based sessions facilitate informational education regarding traffic rules and traffic jurisdictions precisely. Students are taught all about the rare and common traffic signs along with their meanings. Our team of qualified instructors educates all about collision avoidance, vehicle maintenance and most above all, the safe driving techniques. We deliver these sessions through discussions and visual presentations for maximum student engagement possible.

On Road Training:

The practice sessions enable students to get their hands on the vehicle to perform all what was taught in the class sessions. Exclusive assistance not only assess their learning capacities but also introduce habits for professional maneuvers. We teach all that is necessary like parking, lane shifting, turning, freeway driving and driving within a city. We engage our drivers into most difficult driving scenarios to sensitize them about any forthcoming traffic complexities. This enhances their potential to handle any vehicle safely and responsibly throughout.

Each Session Is 02 Hours Consecutive Including Pick Up & Drop Off At Your Home.

$70 Included For Pick Up & Drop Off

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