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Driver Training Instructor Course

The object of this course us to make as much information as possible to the students ., which we hope enhance their desire to achieve a high level of professionalism in their approach to driver training observation.

This course is very helpful to the drivers, who were driving big trucks & also working long hours on lifting heavy weight and get hurt on job site.
This course is very helpful for those drivers, which gives them a break from working long hours& make them more comfortable.
Following  is  the description of three parts for this course.

This course outlines 70 hours of instruction which divided in to 3 parts and are as follow.

  • 30 hours of class room training
  • 30 hours of in car training
  • 10 hours of actual driver training observation

  • Total cost: $3000
  • GST: $150
  • Total: $ 3,150