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Class 4 License

ABC defensive driving school providing training to students those who wants to adopt driving as a profession in their life. They are being trained to develop defensive & courteous attitude towards the public with whom they are sharing the road. Safety is always your top priority with this license. You can drive Taxi/ Ambulance/ School bus up to 24 passengers. Each lesson is 2 HRS at a time and include pick up & drop off service .

Regular Price : $ 60.00/HR

Defensive Driving Course ( for 3 demerits / Taxi permit)

This course is designed to reduce demerits on your license in case of speeding ticket or any traffic violation. Sometime, it is required by your employers to keep you updated regarding the rule of the road as you will be driving the company's vehicle on their insurance .

You can do this course only one time in two years to get the credit of 03 demerits. I f you do not have any demerit for time- being than keep the certificate safely and you can cash it any time within 02 years of time period.

The greatest advantage of this course is to anticipate in advance of un-expected things to happen and be prepared in advance to handle those traffic situation wisely & defensively. You watch out the mistakes of others drivers and make sure you are not getting caught in any unsafe action of those drivers. When you are in the driver seat, the safety of your passenger of your prime responsibility , so being a professional driver be courteous , cautious and used common sense while you are behind the wheels.